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Teaching Series

Here are links to the past sermon series that have been uploaded online. If you don't see a series that has occured recently, you can also check the "Recent Sermons" above, where you can find all the sermons from January 2015 to present in chronological order.

Covenant Series

Pastor Lee Eddy

As Christians we throw the word "covenant" around very easily. But, do we really know what that means? Do we know the level of commitment and the cost involved? Do we understand the cultural significance? In this series we examine in depth and see what God has been looking for all along and the cost He has paid to gain what He considers valuable - us.


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1. What is Covenant

2. In the Beginning

3. Threshold

4. Noahic

5. Abramic

6. Don't Make an Ishmael

7. The Mark of the

8. Circumcision of the Heart

9. The Birth of the Seed

10. Sacrificing the Seed

11. Sons of Abraham

12. Before Ministry

13. Mosaic - The Beginning

14. Why Is There

15. Overview

16. of Law

17. The Tabernacle

18. End of Law

19. of Faith

20. Blessings & Cursings

21. Not of God's Choosing

22. Jonathon & David

23. Tying Up Loose Ends

24. The Cup of

25. The Robe

26. Provision

27. Weapons

28. Marriage I

29. Marriage II

30. Marriage III

31. The Seed

32. Marriage IV

33. Baptism

34. New

35. For Redemption

36. Partaking of the Divine Nature

37. So What


Pastor Lee Eddy

One of the fundamental aspects of the Christian walk is repentance. In this series we take a hard look at what is involved in repentance and how it works. How do we know we have repented and when is it full and accomplished? This breaks down the various parts that are needed so that we understand what all is done when we truly repent.


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1. Temptation

2. Sin

3. Conscience

4. Guilt

5. Humility

6. Shame

7. Reproach

8. Old Testament

9. New Testament

10. Reconcilliation

11. Restoration

12. Grace


Pastor Lee Eddy

Nothing stops our Christian walk quite like fear. Fear causes problems in every part of our lives. This series is an in-depth look at how fear works and how to overcome it in our lives. Without fear we will have the family, relationships, ministry, and personal peace that we so desperately need. Here are the practical applications so we can walk free from fear.


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1. The Problem

2. Fear of Death

3. The Prescence

4. Faith

5. No Fear In Love

6. Peace

7. The Fear of Jehovah

8. Application

The Beatitudes Series

Pastor Lee Eddy

Jesus starts His amazing Sermon on the Mount with these initial concepts that bring us into living how we should and learning the principles that govern those concepts. This is a close examination of those verses and how they affect our lives if we will walk in them. This is the foundation for the Kingdom series that follows this series.


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1. Poor in Spirit

2. Mourning & Meek

3. Hunger and Thirst

4. Merciful

5. Pure In Heart

6. See God

7. Peacemakers

8. Holy Spirit Trip Miranda Eddy

9. Persecuted

10. Choose the Spirit

11. Kingdom Dance

12. Reward

13. Beatitude Summary

The Kingdom Basics Series

Pastor Lee Eddy

How to things work in our universe? What does the scripture say about time, dimensions, physics and the way of accessing the workings of God? This series helps look at these issues and how to walk in them all. The Bible is full of information that we need to live in these realms. This is a verse by serve study through the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7


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1. Defining the Kingdom

2. Salt of the Earth

3. Light of the World

4. The Law

5. Works and Prayer

6. Praying in the Kingdom

7. Fasting for Access

8. Treasures

9. Eyes

10. Seek the Kingdom

11. Tomorrow

12. Judgement

13. Dogs and Pigs

14. ASK

15. Good Gifts

16. The Gates

17. Paths

18. False Leadership

19. The Foundation

Warriors of the Kingdom Randal Wiant


20. Review 1

21. Review 2

The Blessing

Pastor Lee Eddy

We are constantly living under curses or lack of blessings. We live in a cursing society and have lost the beauty of blessing. In this series we examine the workings of blessings and curses and how to change the influences in our lives and others by what we say and do. This is key for personal freedom in every area in our lives.


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1. We are blessed

2. The Curse

3. What Balaam Knew

4. Stages #1

5. Stages #2

6. Stages #3

7. Stages #4

8. Breaking the Curse

9. Christmas Blessing

10. Breaking Generational Curses

11. The Greatest Curse

12. The Priestly Blessing

13. The State of the Blessed

14. The Blessing in Review

15. Bless the Lord


Pastor Lee Eddy

In our Christian walk , it is sometimes difficult to know where we are headed. The Lord wants us all to grow up into Him. How do we do that and what does it look like to be a mature believer in Him? This series answers that and more.


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1. Introduction

2. The Goal

3. Renew the Mind

4. Into the Temple

5. Character

6. Unoffendable and Generous

7. The Joy of Discipline

8. What is Love

9. Ladder of Maturity

11. The Rest

12. The Rest of the Story

13. Gettin' Solid

14. Recap

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Practicing Faith

Jarrod Eddy


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1. Clean Up by Jarrod Eddy

2. Plugged In by Jarrod Eddy


3. Pouring Out by Jarrod Eddy



Pastor Lee Eddy

Such a common word and yet so few really know what it is and how it is obtained. In this series we examine the passages about salvation and how it works. Everyone needs to have this foundation solid in their theology.


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1. John

2. Romans Road

3. Works

The Holy Spirit

Pastor Lee Eddy

As a follow-up series after the Salvation messages, studies on the Baptism in the Holy Spirit revealed more than just that. What came from it was a fairly comprehensive study on the indwelling, baptism, filling, and anointing of the Holy Spirit.


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1. Baptism In

2. Indwelling

3. Tongues

4. The Filling

5. Influences

6. The Anointing

7. Isaiah 61

8. The Bad Anointing

The Healing Series

Pastor Lee Eddy

Is healing for today? How does one bring healing to other people? How does one find healing for themselves? Does God want us to be healed? So much more is examined and practically applied. What an adventure!


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1. The Beginnings

2. Discerning the Voice of God

3. Voice of God II

4. Finding the Root

5. Judgements

6. Identity I

7. Identity II

8. The Blessing

9. Standing in Faith and Patience by Billy Bower


10. Changing Genetics

11. Stress

12. Fear

13. Laying on of Hands

14. Other Externals

15. Authority

16. Authority Continued

17. Speaking

18. Responsibility

19. Cellular Memory

20. Compassion

21. Manifestations of the Spirit

22. Resurrection Life

23. The Power of Testimony


24. Out to the Unbelievers


Pastor Lee Eddy

Looking at the practical and Biblical aspect of worship and how to actually function in it.


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1. Introduction


2. In Truth

3. Isaiah 6

4. Practicum #1

5. Seeing the Lord

6. Practicum #2

7. What's Love Got To Do With It by Mike Coyner


8. OT Heavenly Worship Scenes

9. Revelation 5

10. Bodily Use

11. My Jesus by Jesus


12. Joy

13. Unity

14. Money and Tongues

15. The Spirit

16. God Is Light

17. God Is Love

18. Holiness

19. Expressions of Worship

20. Psalms

21. Praise

22. Count the Cost

Tale of the Kings

Pastor Lee Eddy

A trek through the Kings of the Old Testament and a practical application to us as we discover the aspect of kingship in our lives.


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1. Directed Passion

2. Hezekiah

3. Josiah

4. We are Kings

5. Our King

6. The Glory of the Lord

7. King of Glory

8. Glory Recap


Pastor Lee Eddy

A natural followup to the Tale of the Kings series as we look at how we are priests before God and how to do our job.


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1. Aaron and His Sons

2. Gone Wrong

3. We are Priests #1

4. We are Priests #2

5. Melchezidek Priesthood

6. Our High Priest

7. The Conscience

8. Conviction

9. Minister to God

10. Menorah - Mind

11. Table - Emotions

12. Altar - Will

13. Hosanna!

14. Resurrection Life

15. Representing God to the People #1

16. Representing God to the People #2

17. Representing the People to God

18. Love and Will

19. Prayer for Depth

20. Prayer for Effect

21. To the Father

22. Priests Recap


Pastor Lee Eddy

A study into the scriptural understanding of what hope is and how to conquer hopelessness.


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1. The Pit of Despair

2. The Glory

3. The God of Hope

4. Christ in You

Colossians Sermon Series

Pastor Lee Eddy

This series is to show the difference between expository teaching versus topical teaching. This series goes verse by verse through the entire book of Colossians. This way you always get complete context clarity and also see the depth of the theology presented.


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1. Introduction

2. Focus

3. Creator

4. Reconciled

5. Keep the Glory

Satanic Ritual Abuse Testimony by Carolyn Sherrow

6. The Mystery

7. The Treasure

8. The Walk

9. The Infilling

10. Cut it Off

11. Triumph

12. The Head

13. Abstinence

14. Raised

15. The Hidden Annointing

16. Recap #1

The Birth of Christ

17. Season of Renewal

18. Taking Death Further

19. Dying Further

20. Veils

21. How to take it off

22. Putting on the New

23. Put on Christ

24. Our Higher Purpose

25. Letting the Peace of God Rule

26. Abiding in the Word

27. The Name

28. Wives

29. Husbands

30. Parenting

31. Employees and Bosses

32. Final Practicals

33. Hi's and Goodbyes

Court of Heaven

Pastore Lee Eddy

This series explores in depth the ramifications of the legal system in the heavenlies. We look at how to deal with false authorities, jurisdictions, and accusations bringing them into the real court to be dealt with.


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1. Introduction

2. Our Advocate

3. Throne of Grace

4. Mountains of Authority

5. Mount Zion

6. In Mount Zion

7. Binding and Loosing

8. The Adversary

9. Other Participants

10. Jurisdiction

11. Application

HPN weekly meeting: Court of Heaven

Love Conquers All

Jarrod Eddy

A sermon series from Jarrod Eddy on the power of love.


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1. Nothing But Love

2. Comp-Action

3. Love Conquers Fear

4. Love Overcomes

We Aren't Home Yet

Revelation Knowledge Sermon Series

Pastor Lee Eddy

Not all knowledge is equal. There is knowledge you cannot know unless it is revealed to you by the Holy Spirit. This series examines how that works and the way to gain revelation.


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1. Ladder of Maturity

2. Growing up into Christ

3. Revelation on the Fly

4. Prayer for Revelation

5. Fruit Inspectors

6. Loose ends

Being Known Series

Pastor Lee Eddy

One of the greatest needs we have is to be known by someone so that we feel like we matter and are valid in our lives. Here we look at what the Bible says about it and how to make it happen.


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1. Being Known

2. Forgetting the Past

3. s

A Tool for His Magnification by Miranda Eddy

4. The Real You

5. New Creation

6. The Word at Christmas

7. Newness of Life

8. Made New

9. He Knows You

10. Search me O God

The Courage of Love by Susie Bauer

11. The Way

12. Tribulation

13. Our Testimony

14. His Witnesses

15. Recap

Resurrection Series

Pastor Lee Eddy

We have had much teaching about the cross and crucifixion, but little about the power of the resurrection. Here we delve into the practical application of the resurrection and how it can be experienced. Addictions, disease, life controlling lies can all be alleviated. Here's how.


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1. Seeing the Kingdom

2. Spirit vs. Flesh

3. You are Risen

4. Walking the Resurrection

Stand Firm Roxanne Eddy

5. Resurrection and the Body

6. Resurrection and Sin

7. I am the Resurrection

8. Newness of Life

The Basics Series

Pastor Lee Eddy

In this series we will be covering some of the basics of Christianity that all Christians need to know.


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1. How to Love

2. How to Love Part 2

3. Annointing

4. Identity

5. Fear

6. Understanding How Annointing Works

7. Speaking the Blessing

8. The Circle of Repentance

9. Spirit, Soul, and Body

10. Dealing with Dimensions

Face to Face Healing Ministry

Pastor Lee Eddy Continuing Education

The purpose of this section is to provide ministers in Face to Face with resources to supplement their training and growth. This is not (currently) for the average individual who wishes to find healing themselves.


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General Face to Face Teaching Spirit, Soul, Body

General Face to Face Teaching How to Love

Healing Prayer Network: monthly meeting The Blessing

Healing Prayer Network: monthly meeting Dealing with Dimensions

Healing Prayer Network: monthly meeting Physical Blessing: Part 1

Healing Prayer Network: monthly meeting Physical Blessing: Part 2

Healing Prayer Network: monthly meeting Marriage

Healing Prayer Network: monthly meeting Conscience

Healing Prayer Network: monthly meeting Departed Spirits

Healing Prayer Network: monthly meeting Blood of Jesus

Healing Prayer Network: monthly meeting Court of Heaven

Lop-sided Marriages

Mighty Men of Mountain Song



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Men's Breakfast by Billy Bauer

Inheritance Series

Pastor Lee Eddy

We haven't understood how biblical inheritance works. It isn't like inheriting you Grandfather's cabin. The children of Israel showed what inheritance should look like.


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1. Intro

2. Sonship

3. God's Plan

4. Stopping the Kingdom

5. Death

6. Identity

7. Prodigal Son

8. Recap

The Tabernacle

Pastor Lee Eddy

Looking at the Tabernacle of Moses gives us incredible insight into how we are to live. The plan, materials, and use show us how we are put together and how to function as believers in Jesus Christ.


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1. Introduction

2. The Approach

3. The Basen Alter

4. The Laver

5. Continue the Cleansing

6. The Kidneys

7. Identity

8. Annointing

9. The Structure

10. Gotcha Covered

11. The Table of Showbread

12. The Menorah

13. The Altar of Incense

14. The Soul

15. Inner Pillars

16. The Veil

17. The Heart

18. Love

19. The Ark of the Covenant

20. The Glory

21. Put off the Old Man

22. Put on the New

23. Put on Jesus

24. Outer Darkness

25. The Chooser

26. Review I

27. Review II


Pastor Lee Eddy

A deep study into the movement of things in the spiritual realm. How faith moves people and functions in a practical way. It is amazing how important a prepostion is in a language.


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Revelation Knowledge


Rest 2







Final Results

In the Presence

Pastor Lee Eddy

We do ministry in the presence of Jesus. What does that mean? The Greek gives us a wonderful pathway towards intense intimacy as we break down the use of these words in the Word.


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Before Him

His Face

In His Face

Down In His Face

Spiritual Authority

Pastor Lee Eddy

Do we have it? What should we do with it? How do we respond to those over us and under us? This is a biblical expose digging into the ramifications and functions of authority.


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Personal Use



The List



Dominion Pt 2

Dominion Application


Lordship Part 2

End Result


Pastor Lee Eddy

Whoever controls the interpretation of what is said to you, determines the future. This series explores how to submit the interpretation to Jesus and learn to live.


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The Beginning







Pastor Lee Eddy

Discerning the force fields that operate in the physical, soulish, and spiritual realms, how they effect us and how to use them.


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Ours To Use




Tongue 2


Faith 2


Light 2

Light 3


Life 2

Life 3


The Body

Lee Eddy

After deep discussions about spirit and soul, we need to know what the Bible says about the body and how to live in it in a godly manner. Let's get practical.

The Body PT1

The Body PT2

The Body PT3

Hope (Updated)

Lee Eddy

Hope is foundational to peace. Hopelessness is draining people of life, including Christians. What does the Word have to say about hope? Much to be applied and understood.

Despair version 1

Despair version 2


God of Hope

Christ in You


Lee Eddy

In dealing with personal issues, one of the most common is the feeling of helplessness. The problem is that it comes from many different sources. This series is about examining those sources to help people come out of helplessness.











Recap pt2


Recap pt3


The Word of God

Lee Eddy

This series tells the foundational message of how the Word of God is to be used to hear from Him, both the book and the person. Both the written Word and the spoken Word are brought to bring us closer to Him.





Logos pt 2



Lee Eddy

This will show you how to find out who you are in Christ and cancel all the wrong identities you've lived under. In this series you will learn how to break any and every addiction.

Changing the Rules

The Veil

Renewing the Mind

Put off the Old Man

Put on the New Man

Put on the Lord Jesus

Walk in the Light

Walk in Love

Walk in the Spirit

The Tabernacle

Why Put it Off

Put on the Armor

Full Circle


Lee Eddy

This is a Greek word for knowledge you can't know with your mind, but have to be taught of the Holy Spirit. This series goes right after the Word of God series and tells how to hear from God and have all the things He wants you to have.

Grace and Peace

Life and Goodness


Solid Ground

How to Gain it

Rung by Rung

Top Rungs

The Ladder Plus

The Hindrance

Calling and Election

The Dance

Dance Together




Others Part 2

Others Part 3



Recap Pt. 2

Recap Pt. 3


Lee Eddy

Ever wonder what the anointing is and how it works? You can discover it here along with how to use it, increase it and the warnings about it's disuse. A must for ministry.

How We Cheat

Being the Vessel

Following Jesus' Lead

Of the Annointed One

Baptism in the Spirit




Passion Week

Lee Eddy

Looking deeply into the happenings during the Passion Week, we will look at the crucifixion and the resurrection, looking at the scriptures and the evidence of the Shroud of Turin.

The Crucifiction And Shroud 2022

The Resurrection and Shroud 2022

Book of Jude

Lee Eddy

A look into the wonderful gleanings of the short book of Jude. It might be short, but it is packed with mighty revelation. One verse at a time (or a couple).


Certain Men

Defiled Ones


But You Beloved

Perfect Prayer

His Love

His Mercy

Mercy Out


Lee Eddy

Compassion is an earmark for Christianity, but few know the depth of the different words translated as compassion. They are a pathway into the depth of full emotional experience. This series examines those words and the depth they bring.

Exploring Resurrection

Lee Eddy

Looking beyond the historical record of the resurrection,already knowing it did happen, we are looking at how it happened. There are many things we need to know about how life and death work, the workings of darkness and walking in the Light. Let's walk together in the resurrection for application in this life.